Traveling with Kids

On Interstate 40 heading out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the road rising before us and the city lowering behind us. Feels as though we’re approaching the edge of the earth, unable to see the other side of the hill, but we look in the rearview mirror and see the city laid out behind us, and… Continue reading

Dignum Memoria is LIVE!

Dignum Memoria, a collection of 10 films featuring the stories of 10 people experiencing life on the streets of east Texas, is now live! Check out the preview below, and then go over to to check out the films!

Old Man

Standing in front of me is an old man with a crooked back. He reaches into his pocket and grabs a handful of change and drops it onto the counter and begins counting the coins by placing his finger on each coin and sliding it over. The line lengthens and people moan and say things… Continue reading


From somewhere beneath the house our dog barks and yelps. It’s early and the noise comes up through the floor into the house and up the stairs where I’m sitting at my desk writing. I wait for the barking to stop but it becomes rhythmic so I roll back my chair and walk to the… Continue reading